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The Land of The Free

For Mark, his American ideals and values are something he can be proud of. It’s important that he pass these same ideals and values down to his children in hopes that they carry on the family name with pride and dignity. But what happens when he discovers that everything he’s been taught is a lie? And that the values instilled in him were only bias stereotypes filled with hate? When everyone around him associates with the very things he hates the most, will it cause him to reevaluate his view of America and the people in it? Or will he be resistant to changing his way of thinking?

Amy knows her husband’s way of thinking isn’t good for her or her children. But she was raised to be a wife that’s seen and not heard, so she feels powerless in her marriage. Although Mark’s antics put a strain on her family, she chooses to turn the other cheek. He has his faults, but he’s not perfect, and she loves him. Besides, she isn’t perfect either. She has a secret of her own she’s been carrying.

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Rasheed is a convicted felon. He’s perceived as dangerous, uneducated, and a threat to anyone he encounters. Aubree is the savvy and beautiful daughter of a C.E.O. 

Her job was to help him transition into a productive member of society, not to befriend him. However, when she gets to know the real him, she sees things that no one else sees in him. And when he gets to know the real her, he sees a woman that’s really unhappy under her wide smile and seemingly perfect life. When an unexpected connection forms between them, they both have a difficult choice to make. 

What if you met your soul mate, but they had nothing to offer you except pure and unconditional love? Is that all it would take for you to be happy? They say “Love conquers all.” But sometimes, love alone isn’t enough!

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A Royal Queen


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